The 2023 National Restaurant Association Show proved to be a remarkable gathering of over 55,000 industry professionals, vendors, and food enthusiasts from all 50 states in the US and an international presence from 107 different countries. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and culinary expertise, the event showcased the latest trends and developments in the food service industry. The PanSaver team is still buzzing from being a part of this extraordinary event as we shared in the excitement of our ever-changing industry and interacted with so many wonderful people at our booth. While impossible to share all of the memorable moments, here are a few highlights.

Innovation and Customization

Innovation and customization stood out as emerging trends at the event. In the North Hall, mesmerizing robotic displays captivated the audience. The question of whether robots could address food service labor issues by replacing servers and bartenders generated significant curiosity and discussion. While some view the robots as a potential solution, others remain skeptical and question the ability of the robot to replicate the human touch and attention to detail that is so highly valued in the culinary world.

Heinz REMIX garnered attention with its display, enabling visitors to create their very own customized sauce flavors. The ever-popular Freestyle machines at the Coke display provided a fun and interactive experience, allowing guests to personalize their beverage choices. This emphasis on customization speaks to the evolving preferences of consumers who crave creativity in flavors and seek unique and tailored dining experiences.


Sustainability emerged as a prominent theme throughout the show, reflecting the growing focus on environmentally-friendly practices in the food industry and highlighting the industry's commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, starting with environmentally-friendly packaging solutions, signaling a collective effort to reduce waste and minimize the ecological footprint.

Continuing a trend from last year’s show, numerous vendors showcased their plant-based food options, catering to the rising demand for healthier and more sustainable alternatives. Featured FABI award winners in this category included Beyond Meats’ Beyond Steak to Myrtle Greens’ Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings and Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings to Unlimeat’s Plant-Based Korean BBQ.

PanSaver Excitement

This year’s show experience was especially exciting for our PanSaver team. We had great attendance at our new booth location and we were thrilled to celebrate our 25th anniversary at the show! As a trusted name in the industry, PanSaver took the opportunity to showcase many new products including our, PanSaver Eco. The anticipation for what the future holds for this line generated great excitement among attendees.

PanSaver's booth also attracted significant attention as product expert Steve Mooney, expertly demonstrated the steps of our Cook Chill line and the Cook Chill process. We were also proud to showcase the speed and precision in which the Shrink Tight Pan Covers shrank in the oven fascinating attendees while emphasizing the practicality and efficiency of PanSaver's products.

As restaurant staff becomes increasingly challenging to find, industry professionals were eager to explore how PanSaver's innovative pan liners could simplify operations and streamline processes. Overall, we were excited to interact with attendees from across the United States and the world at the PanSaver booth and proud of the brand's broad appeal and recognition. The diversity of visitors demonstrated the wide reach of PanSaver's products and the industry's interest in our innovative solutions.


Overall, the 2023 National Restaurant Show was a resounding success, showcasing the industry's resilience, creativity, and commitment to sustainability and innovation. The event served as a platform for vendors and professionals to exchange ideas, explore emerging trends, and forge valuable connections. We left the show feeling inspired and energized, eagerly anticipating the future of the food industry and the exciting innovations that lie ahead. We look forward to the next show - see you May 18-21, 2024 in Chicago!

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