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A Commitment to Sustainable Solutions with PanSaver

For almost two decades, PanSaver has been working to develop more sustainable options to help commercial kitchen operations reduce their environmental impact without compromising functionality.

While using PanSaver pan liners contributes to functional sustainability in commercial kitchens by reducing hot water use by 90%, decreasing food waste, improving sanitation and disposal, minimizing the use of toxic cleaning chemicals, and enhancing heat retention performance, reducing energy consumption, M&Q Packaging made a commitment to do more.

This commitment became the PanSaver line of sustainable pan liner options, including the PanSaver ECO™ Pan Liners and the newly developed PanSaver RC™ Pan Liners.

Let's take a closer look at these products and their impact:

PanSaver® ECO Pan Liner and PanSaver RC Pan Liners

PanSaver’s line of sustainable plastic products for the professional kitchen began with PanSaver® ECO Pan Liners. Made with a minimum of 25% renewable materials, the cutting-edge materials used in the PanSaver ECO liners are derived from rapeseed oil, which comes from a variety of fast-growing plants making it easy to replace. In utilizing this material in the manufacturing process, PanSaver was able to reduce the amount of oil-based material used in every liner.

More recently, PanSaver introduced PanSaver RC pan liners, the only pan liner made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content, to its line. By replacing much of the material with post-consumer recycled content, PanSaver can divert waste from landfills, supporting the circular economy.

Both the PanSaver ECO and RC Pan Liners deliver the exceptional performance synonymous with the PanSaver brand, all while incorporating environmentally conscious practices. These products blend sustainability and high-performance features seamlessly, helping commercial kitchens embrace sustainability without compromising performance.

Here are some key features and benefits that set the PanSaver RC and PanSaver ECO Pan Liners apart:

  1. Versatile Ovenability: Both lines are ovenable up to 400°F / 203°C allowing a seamless transition from oven to serving line, all while maintaining the liner's integrity.
  2. Unparalleled Durability: These robust designs boast stronger seals and high puncture resistance, ensuring reliability in every culinary application.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: Choose from various stock sizes to find the perfect fit for your pans, providing versatility to accommodate different culinary requirements.
    PanSaver's Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

PanSaver’s ongoing commitment to sustainability includes corporate sustainability initiatives at M&Q Packaging, its manufacturing facility in Schuylkill Haven, PA. Over 98% of the waste generated at the M&Q plant is either recycled or repurposed, so a very low volume of waste enters the landfill.

PanSaver doesn't just offer eco-friendly products; the company is dedicated to continuous research and development for more sustainable options. PanSaver is committed to staying at the forefront of eco-innovation in the food service industry from exploring alternative materials to optimizing manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, PanSaver's sustainable product line signifies a significant step forward for commercial kitchens seeking to balance efficiency with environmental responsibility. As the demand for eco-friendly solutions continues to grow, PanSaver remains a beacon of sustainability in the culinary world, inspiring others to commit to a greener future. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating PanSaver's Eco product line into your kitchen, contact us today!

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