FreshAdvance™ Produce Storage Bags

Extends the shelf life of produce
Reduces spoilage and waste

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Professional-grade Used throughout the food industry to get longer life from produce and reduce waste.
  • Reusable just wash and dry between uses.
  • Releases moisture food doesn’t mildew or rot.
  • BPA Free. Safe for Food Contact.
  • Odor blocking great for storing onions, garlic and other odor causing foods.
  • Steam Bags vegetables can go right from the refrigerator to the microwave.
  • Can also be used as reusable microwave steam bags.
  • Made of engineered, food-safe materials.

Don’t waste money throwing away spoiled fruits and vegetables! FRESHAdvance™ Produce Storage Bags are specially designed to slow the respiration of fruits and vegetables so they stay fresher, longer. Because of their odor-blocking properties, FRESHAdvance food storage bags preserving produce also provide a variety of household uses, including storage of strong-smelling items like tobacco or chewing gum.