Manage your food production safely, easily and efficiently!

PanSaver’s Cook Chill system offers you:

  • Consistent quality from bulk food preparation
  • Portion control by packing and sealing the foods in the right size Cook Chill bag
  • Improved food safety by quickly cooling the product out of the danger zone
  • Better inventory control – food is stored  until needed (either refrigerated or frozen)
  • Easy reheating and serving
  • Extended life and product yield

Whether a restaurant chain, commissary or independent restaurant, a Cook Chill system offers a safe and economical alternative to traditional cook-to-serve methods .    With a cook chill system, your kitchen prepares and stores food in portion controlled packaging so you can use only what you need, when you need it, and safely store the rest.

PanSaver® Cook Chill products help you increase menu options, lower labor cost, reduce product waste, improve quality and consistency, and reduce out-of-stock instances. Just consider the possibilities!

getting started with cook chill

PanSaver® Cook Chill products provide a full range of equipment and bags for everyone from small operators up to multi-unit commissary kitchens or large institutional foodservice facilities.   Not sure where to start?  Just ask our experts!

For your other packaging needs or sous vide applications, we carry a variety of durable, high clarity vacuum pouches. We carry sizes from 6"x8" to 14"x28" and are able to provide you with a custom size if necessary. Learn more about PanSaver's Sous Vide Products: