PanSaver Electric Roaster Oven Liners

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Make clean up of messy roaster ovens quick and easy – just toss the liner!
  • Prevents food to hot metal contact that dries out food and reduces flavor.
  • Clear Roaster liner can be used for cooking foods at lower temperatures (up to 350°F) like stews, casseroles, and chili.
  • Foil Electric Roaster liner is suitable for roasting whole meats and poultry (up to 400°F).
  • Made in the USA.
  • BPA-Free.  Safe for food contact.

Electric roaster ovens are a convenient way to cook a wide variety of foods from macaroni and cheese to large cuts of meat. But they can also be difficult to clean up afterwards. PanSaver’s Electric Roaster Oven liners are the perfect solution. No more scrubbing out baked on foods – just toss the liner and wash out the pan! PanSaver electric roaster liners come in two options for different maximum temperatures.