Roaster Liner Instructions for web-01-01
CAUTION:  Clear plastic liners should not be used at temperatures above 350 F.  Use only for cooking soups, stews, chilis or casseroles.  Do not use for roasting turkeys or meats. 

Step 1:  Preheat the roaster.

Preheat roaster oven to a temperature 20°F below the recommended cooking temperature.

Step 2:  Add 1-2 cups of water and let the water sit for a few minutes.

Adding water and allowing the roaster to rest gives the insert time to come to a uniform temperature after preheating.

Step 3.  Put the liner in the removable pan and drape over the sides of the roaster.

Skirt the liner over the sides of the electric roaster - do not tuck the liner inside the roaster base unit.

Step 4.  Put the food inside the liner and close the lid.

Use clear liners for soups, stews and chilis only.

Step 5.  When cooking is complete, carefully remove the lid.


Step 6.  After serving, allow the liner to cool completely before disposing. 


Do I Really Need to Preheat? YES

Adding water into the removable insert and letting it set for a few minutes allows the roaster to come to an even temperature, reducing the risk of hot spots.

Do I Really Need to Add Water? YES

As part of the preheating process, roasters may increase to temperatures higher than the set temperature.  If the liner is already inside the pan, these higher temperatures may cause the liner to melt.