M&Q Packaging, LLC, plant in Schuylkill Haven PA is a "Zero Landfill" manufacturing facility.

Corporate Sustainability

  • Cardboard scrap of 14.25 tons annually is totally recycled through Cougle's Recycling, Inc.
  • Plastics scrap of 309,000 pounds annually is totally recycled through Monster Polymers, Inc.
  • All other scrap / trash / employee discard of 145 tons annually is recycled through Systec Environmental Corporation.
  • Exhaust heat from compressors and extruders provides 60% of M&Q's plant / offices heat vs. natural gas use in the colder months of the year.
  • Next generation fluorescent lighting is used throughout the Schuylkill Haven facility.
  • Wherever possible, products have been down gauged by 40% to save raw materials.
  • "Accordion" folding of PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners has reduced the packaging volume by over 50%, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and excess material.

Functional Sustainability – PanSaver® Products

  • Operator uses less HOT water to clean pans (NO scrubbing), reduces use by 90%.
  • Reduces food waste and improves sanitation/disposal.
  • Reduces consumption of cleaning chemicals.
  • Food residue and grease goes into the trash and not down the drain into the municipal sewer system.
  • PanSaver® pan liners have superior heat retention performance that reduces energy consumption on steam tables. Food retains moisture 2-3 times longer and maintains temperature 20°F warmer versus unlined pans. This allows operator to turn down thermostat.