Shrink-Tight™ Ovenable Pan Covers Proven Performance to 400˚F/203˚C

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Shrinks tightly to the top of pans
  • Makes stacking, storing and transporting food easy!
  • Prevents spillovers and mess in oven
  • Clean, professional appearance
  • Clear, markable film - 100% food visibility
  • Strong & stackable for transport
  • Tight seal retains food moisture
  • Unique, patented design

PanSaver Pan Covers are the quick and easy way to securely cover food in restaurant pans for storage and transport.   After a few seconds in an oven, these shrinkable covers conform tightly to the top of the pan, creating a secure and sturdy seal for stackable storage.  The PanSaver Pan Cover withstands temperatures up to +400°F and can be used to prevent spill overs in the oven during cooking.  Designed to fit many sizes and shapes of commercial food pans, including full-size hotel pans, bun sheet pans, and round soup pans, the pan cover helps moisture stay in the food. Clear and fully markable Pan Covers make identification easy – no need for labels.   NSF listed.