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Discover how PanSaver Cook Chill and Sous Vide packaging can optimize your commercial kitchen, enhance food safety, and increase efficiency in our latest blog post.

In this blog post, we discuss how PanSaver Cook Chill and Sous Vide packaging can streamline a commercial kitchen, improve food safety, and save time and money.

Cook Chill Bags 

Cook Chill is a powerful tool for commercial kitchens, allowing food to be prepared in advance, portioned into bags, and safely stored until needed. Cook Chill is simple and easy to implement because it requires just a few components, like a ringstand, clipper or sealer, and PanSaver Cook Chill Bags. These bags allow food to be chilled and reheated in the same bag, which makes for faster prep time and fewer clean-up procedures. The bags also help preserve the quality, texture, and flavor of food, which translates to better-tasting dishes.

One of the main benefits of Cook Chill technology is its ability to improve food safety. By storing food in appropriate Cook Chill bags, kitchens can extend the shelf life of food and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Cook Chill bags are ideally suited to be part of a HACCP-compliant food safety program because products are packed at pasteurized temperatures (165°F) into clean bags. Sealed bags also prevent accidental spills and cross-contamination during transport and storage. 

Cook Chill bags are also easy to transport, making them a convenient solution for central commissary kitchens that supply satellite kitchens. Chefs can simply load their food into the Cook Chill bag, seal it, and transport it to the intended destination for retherming and service. This makes delivery easier, faster, and much more efficient.

The Sous Vide Solution

Despite having been around for decades, sous vide cooking is gaining new popularity among professional kitchens due to the precise cooking control and the ability to create food on demand. Translated from the French words for under vacuum, sous vide cooking lets chefs create perfectly cooked proteins, vegetables, and sides, and hold them at precise temperatures until they are needed for service.

When a chef cooks with Sous Vide equipment, food is vacuum-sealed into pouches and cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath. The water bath cooks the food to a precise temperature over a long period, resulting in a tender, flavorful dish. Foods can be held at that precise temperature in a water bath until ready for use, then quickly finished off before serving. This method saves prep time and reduces the need for a large kitchen staff, saving on labor costs.

Both Cook Chill and Sous Vide technology offer a lot of benefits for commercial kitchens looking to improve efficiency and food safety while reducing labor. With relatively few simple pieces of equipment and the right bags from PanSaver, kitchens can prepare food in advance and serve only what they need, reducing food waste and saving money. 

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