Disposable TV Remote Covers

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Great for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and waiting rooms. Also great for bars, restaurants and classrooms!
  • Clear bag means the remote can be used while still in the bag.
  • Adhesive strip makes it easy to seal the remote in for a snug fit. Tear notch on the bag makes it easy to remove the remote.
  • Works for cell phones too!
  • Protects electronics from harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • 4” x 9.5” bag fits most standard remotes.
  • Custom sizes are available.​

TV remotes can be one of the most frequently touched items in a room - and one of the most difficult objects to clean and sanitize!​

PanSaver’s disposable TV remote covers help reduce the risk of cross contamination between guests while making it easier to keep it clean. Covers can be sanitized between users, and replaced at the end of the day.