Steam Table Pan Liners

Designed for steam table pans to make the serving and transporting of prepared foods easier and to eliminate product waste and messy clean-up.

Our steam table pan liners are designed to make serving and transporting prepared foods easier while eliminating food waste, messy clean-up, and associated labor.

Our steam table pan liners are not designed for use in ovens. Steam table pan liners are designed for holding, transporting, and serving food from steam tables and for keeping food warm or reheating it in a steamer up to 220°F.


Scrub Saver® Steam Table Pan Liner Benefits:

  • Makes holding and transporting food efficient and easy.
  • With no direct food-to-hot-metal contact, food retains moisture which improves food quality and flavor. And since food does not stick to the pan liner surface, there is virtually no waste.
  • Liners help maintain holding temperatures up to 20°F warmer than unlined pans, making the last serving as delicious as the first.
  • Since food never touches the pan, there is less chance of food coming in contact with germs or bacteria with potential for cross contamination.
  • Cleanup is quick and easy! The used steam table pan liner is disposable, eliminating pan scrubbing labor which saves time and money. The pans are ready to be lined and used again immediately.