A study by The Culinary Institute of America® (CIA), has demonstrated that pans lined with PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners can be washed 675% faster than unlined pans, and that using PanSaver® can result in an average increase of over 400% in productivity across the menu. PanSaver® Pan Liners are manufactured by M&Q Packaging, LLC.
The objective of the study was to verify that the use of ovenable PanSaver® Pan Liners is a cost effective addition to commercial and institutional foodservice operations.

When asked why the CIA was selected for this evaluation, Tim Blucher, M&Q Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explained: "We developed a list of culinary academies to approach with the project. The Culinary Institute of America was at the top, due its reputation as one of the best culinary schools in the world. The CIA is a non-profit institution and has unquestioned credibility in culinary circles."

According to Blucher: "We knew that PanSaver® Pan Liners are safe to cook with at temperatures up to 400 degrees F. We knew that PanSaver® Pan Liners improve the quality of food because they help retain moisture, color and flavor. Now their ability to deliver dramatic gains in operational productivity has been proven.

These findings should be of interest to any restaurant or institution that wants to increase productivity by reducing clean-up time and redeploying pot washers to other important tasks."


In effort to reduce labor costs, Langeland Hospital evaluated PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners. With a focus on HACCP compliance, the hospital was concerned with the insulating effect of the liner in the pan. The concern was whether or not the lined pans would hold food at the minimum compliant temperature of 140°F.

The hospital's Dietary Manager implemented a week long evaluation comparing the holding temperatures of food in unlined pans with identical food in pans lined with PanSaver®. The results of the study proved that the food held in lined pans was on an average 8°C/20°F warmer than food held in unlined pans. The Dietary Manager also noted that the food held in the lined pan contained more moisture, and was of better quality, than the food held in the unlined pan. These qualities were attributed to the fact that the liner eliminates the direct food-to-hot-metal contact which causes the moisture in the food to "scald-off" and the food to quickly dry-out.

Thus it was demonstrated that moisture in food does more than help retain flavor, color and texture. Moisture in food holds temperature. As moisture is eliminated, the holding temperature of food will rapidly decrease.


Upon learning of Langeland Hospital's evaluation, the makers of PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners engaged the services of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in effort to corroborate the findings. Evaluations were performed under the auspices of Phillip Pinckney, L.C.G.I., C.E.C., C.C.E., the school's Director of Culinary Arts, and under the supervision of Chefs Holten and McNulty. As proven in the Netherlands, the results were the same.


implementation of PanSaver® contributes to the quality of the food (food safety, serving temperature, and flavor). PanSaver® also eliminates pot scrubbing labor by 94%; reduces operational expenses (hot water, cleaning chemicals, scrubbies, plumbing problems), and improves employee productivity, and morale, which reduces turnover.At an average price of .28 a liner, the actual cost increased of HACCP compliance is more than offset by significant operational savings. Thus, the cost of food safety can be calculated as less than free.