Cook Chill Benefits

PanSaver® Cook Chill products provide a full range of storage casings,
filling pedestals and sealing tools to enable you to safely and cost-effectively
implement an economical Cook Chill program in your facility. Once chilled,
food quality remains fresh and taste consistent from the very first portion,
to the last.


Pansaver® Premium Cook Chill Casings, manufactured from “Food Grade”
Monolyn®, provide a better storage alternative for Cook Chill operations.
The recommended packaging includes 1 gallon (10" x 20"), 1.5 gallon
(10" x 24") and 2 gallon (10" x 30") casings. Casings larger than a 2 gallon
capacity are not used due to the cooling time required for a larger quantity of food. An extended cooling cycle reduces the desired shelf life.


PanSaver® Cook Chill System offers the most secure method of manually sealing a casing using a special alloy clip with the assistance of the Pansaver® Cook Chill Manual Clipper. Attempting to secure a clip using any other manual method can be difficult and time consuming.


Our pedestal holds the casing open vertically during filling. Each style pedestal is adjustable in height to
best-fit packaging requirements. The 4-Post Pedestal incorporates a “low profile” Lazy Susan base allowing easy rotation while filling the casings.


PanSaver® Cook Chill System lets you:

  • Facilitate food-on-demand vs. having to cook-and-serve
  • Hold food up to 28 days in food grade sanitary barrier bags
  • Preserve nutrient integrity and flavor
  • Portion and safely transport food to other locations


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