Customer Testimonials

“We discovered PanSaver® PanCovers at a food show, and we were immediately wowed by their performance. I especially love their quality steam seal that reduces our time and effort but still produces amazing results. We prepare Thanksgiving-style turkey weekly at our restaurants, and they always turn out incredibly moist and tasty when we use PanCovers to cook them. In the past, the foil we used to cover the turkeys in our convection oven would blow off, leaving both a mess and a drier turkey. I make sure our PanCovers shelf never goes empty, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen.”


"Rarely has a new product been as practical and economical for both single unit restaurants and large chains. My cream soups and mashed potatoes don’t scorch in the steam table and cleaning pans of marinara is a snap."

- D.H., Chef, Philadelphia, PA

"We began receiving positive comments the very first day we started using PanSaver®. Our employees no longer have to scrub the dishes. Our customers love the better taste and quality of the food."

- P.C., Owner/Operator, Fergus Falls, MN

"…I can't tell you how much the PanSaver® Cook Chill program has done for my kitchen. More important than anything, it greatly contributes to my products being higher quality. The higher quality is a result of faster cooling and faster heating of food. The kitchen is easier to operate and I am saving money too. That is a pretty darn good combination and only becomes more important as the economy makes things tougher on restaurants."

- Pat, Kitchen Manager, MI

"PanSaver® is working great. We save considerable time in the pot-sink area. Prior to PanSaver®, pans would soak overnight to remove the baked on food. This was a real mess the next morning…now dish staff can get other sanitation chores accomplished prior to the start of business and their morale has improved."

- Anne S., Manager, Rib Restaurant

"We find PanSaver® especially helpful with our brunch egg dishes. We previously lined those pans with parchment, but there was always the 'over the edge' spill which defeated the purpose. There are never any accidents with PanSaver®."

- M.Z., Owner, Manhattan Beach, MN

"With easy cleanup of the pans used for BBQ beans and chili—no more scraping with a knife or soaking to get the caked-on product off the pans."

- R.B., Owner, Eugene, OR

"The savings in labor and the mess associated with end of day cleaning is remarkable! No more transferring food from one container to another just to wash up the serving containers."

- D.K., General Manager, Jacksonville, NC

"…I have been using the PanSaver® Cook Chill bags for 4 years and have always been very happy with the customer service as well as the product. The bags are always consistently perfect. I use them to cool hot sauces then reheat the sauces. The bags get dropped sometimes and don't break! We bag hot sauces then put them into a cooling sink with ice, and the Health Department never even takes a second look at it. They tell me this is the best way to cool foods. I would recommend these bags to anyone. Thanks, PanSaver®, for the years of consistent quality and service."

- Gary, Owner, NV