Sous Vide 


PanSaver® puncture resistant vacuum pouches provide barrier properties keeping menu items moist and tenderized to perfection. Nutrients & juices are sealed in the product and it will not dry out as with roasting and braising cooking methods.

Sous Vide Benefits

PanSaver® Heavy Duty 4 Mil Vacuum Bag


The Sous Vide method of cooking requires rigid control over temperature and cooking time. PanSaver's® standard heavy duty 4.0 mil gauge bags are puncture resistant and boilable, providing a worry free cooking and retherm process.


You will enjoy consistent results easily replicated time and time again. Your guests will experience a moist and tender product fully retained of its nutrients and natural juices lending way to intense flavor and beautiful color.


PanSaver's® heavy duty, heat sealable vacuum pouches are made from food grade materials, have met and passed all ASTM testing and are ideally suited to be part of a HACCP compliant food safety program. Vacuum pouches have a temperature rating of 0°F to 212°F. Available in 4 stock sizes and conveniently packaged, PanSaver® vacuum pouches are the perfect compliment to the Sous Vide cooking method.

Product Line:

Nylon/Poly Vacuum Pouches [Temperature Range: 0°F to 212°F (-17°C to 99°C)]