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TV Remote and Cell Phone Covers

Keyboard Covers

Tablet Covers

Sanitary, sealable pouches provide an added layer of security for your customers and your business. 

Introducing PS Protective Products, a new line of disposable, sanitary and sealable pouches that can help reduce the potential for cross-contamination on electronics, utensils and other frequently handled items.


A fresh bag at check in gives your guests an added layer of security. Clear, sealable pouches let the remote be used while still in the bag.

A sanitary option for hotels, classrooms or any place keyboards are shared between multiple users.

Keep touch screen tablets sanitary while protecting sensitive touch screens from first and contaminants. 

  • Great for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, waiting rooms, restaurants, classrooms and more.

  • Clear bag allows electronics to be used in the bag.

  • Protects electronics from dirts, spills and harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Makes thorough cleaning quick and easy.

  • Manufactured in the USA by an FDA certified 510K Medical Packaging manufacturer

Sealable Utensil Pouches

Tamper-proof pouches keep utensil clean and protected until the customer opens the pouch.