Delivering a Cost-Effective Solution to Food Service Operators

The Cook Chill process of food preparation and storage has revolutionized the way foodservice operators approach food production. It is a safe and economical alternative to traditional cook-to-serve methods, cost-effectively preserving and delivering the consistent taste and quality of freshly prepared food regardless of the quantity or location.

Cook Chill is a more efficient way of solving the age-old dilemma of matching food production to demand. It enables the operator to have a safe inventory of a variety of extended shelf life products that are portion-controlled and can be reheated only when necessary.

Key elements and advantages of the Cook Chill procedure are:

  • Consistent quality from bulk food preparation
  • Portion control by packing and sealing the foods in the appropriate Cook Chill bag
  • Improved food safety with quickly cooling the product out of the danger zone
  • Better inventory control – food is stored  until needed (either refrigerated or frozen)
  • Easy reheating and serving
  • Extended life and product yield


PanSaver® Cook Chill products provide a full range of equipment and bags for small operators up to multi-unit commissary kitchens or large institutional foodservice facilities. Whether you need to economically start a Cook Chill process or fulfill the bagging needs of a large operation, we have all of the answers. And if you're not sure, just ask!

For your other packaging needs or sous vide applications, we carry a variety of durable, high clarity vacuum pouches. We carry sizes from 6"x8" to 14"x28" and are able to provide you with a custom size if necessary. Learn more about the benefits of Cook Chill and Sous Vide Products:

PanSaver® Cook Chill products help you increase menu options, lower labor cost, reduce product waste, improve quality and consistency, and reduce out-of-stock instances. Just consider the possibilities: