Pan Liners

Ovenable (400°F/204°C) PanSaver® Pan Liners are used in food preparation, cooking and holding, to prevent food from "baking-on" and "burning-on" to the pot or pan surface. PanSaver can also be used for cold storage.

PanSaver Pan Liners are convenient, time saving kitchen aids which will improve the food you serve as well as reduce your operating costs.

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  • Labor Savings
    Why Scrub? When all you need to do is sanitize!
    PanSaver increases productivity in the kitchen.
  • Improves Food Quality
    PanSaver eliminates the direct food-to-hot metal contact which prevents the moisture in the food from "scalding-off". Moisture contributes flavor and temperature to the food. Test have proven that food held on PanSaver lined pans is on average 20°F/8°C warmer than food held in a pan without PanSaver.
  • Increases Food Yield
    The PanSaver patented Contour-Fit® eliminates folds in the liner from trapping servings. And since food doesn't stick to the PanSaver surface, there is virtually no waste.
  • Makes Food Safer
    Since food cooked with PanSaver never touches the pan, the chance of surface contamination is eliminated.
  • Protects Plumbing/Better for the Environment
    Grease goes into the trash, not down the drain. PanSaver eliminates clogged drains and is better for the environment.

For use under U.S. Patent 7,163,120