Commissary & Satellite Testimonials

“Our organization, Potluck in the Park, is a nonprofit that has been feeding those less fortunate for the past 25 years. We prepare between 400 and 800 meals weekly, which entails a lot of volunteer time and labor. Since we started using PanSaver® Pan Liners in our production kitchen, we’ve seen our cleanup time significantly reduced. Pan Liners are saving literally hundreds of hours annually for our all-volunteer organization, allowing us to devote more time to other activities and more efficiently serve those in need.”


 "… I’ve been using PanSaver® for all of my Cook/Chill supplies exclusively for almost 10 years now. They maintain competitive pricing and superior service. The turnaround time from the day I place an order to the time I receive it is the fastest out there. It is truly a model for all others to follow. PanSaver® should be your only place to purchase cook chill supplies."


 "….I am very happy with the PanSaver® Cook Chill system. Using a central kitchen, Cook Chill has allowed me to reduce the square footage needed for the back of the house at each location. The result is an approximate $8k savings in labor costs alone [per store]."

- Julian, Owner/Chef, FL

"…Since using PanSaver® Cook Chill products, our local and state health inspectors have been impressed with the performance and cooling times associated with using the cook and chill system bags. It has saved us time and money by not having to buy new containers to ship products to our locations."

- Jason, Chef, MA