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PANSAVER® Shrink-tight™ Pancovers (400˚f)

User Benefits

  • Keeps moisture in food better than cling
    wrap and foil
  • Strong & stackable saves space
  • Spill resistant – prevents mess during transport
  • Clear, markable film provides immediate identification of pan contents
  • Works well on disposable aluminum pans – no cut fingers from crimping on lids


Certifications – BPA Free; NSF; FSSC 22000; Patented



“Besides being a great tool to easily transport our braised meats without mess, we find that PanSaver® PanCovers actually save us money – both in food cost and labor. We use costly wines and broths to braise, and the tight PanCovers seal minimizes evaporation. Plus, we wrap around 50 pans per week, and PanCovers has reduced our labor cost for that task by 25% compared to using foil and cling wrap."


"I have been in the foodservice business for over 20 years and of all the changes and new equipment to come along during that time, PanSaver® pan liners are by far the best inventions yet. The liners are more cost effective than a dishwashing machine."

- Linda, Caterer, Frederick, OK

 “PanSaver® Pan Liners are terrific!! I cook a breakfast buffet at a resort and used to spend hours afterwards scouring and cleaning the steam table pans. Now, I simply gather up the liner and dispose of it. No more scrubbing and scouring. They don't tear or get cut as people are serving themselves. I highly recommend them!”

- G. Winwood, Amazon Verified Purchase


PipinQ™ Disposable pastry bags

User Benefits

  • Saves labor – no need to wash/bleach like
    cotton bags
  • Hygienic – clean bag is always available
  • Comfortable – no-slip comfort grip reduces
    muscle fatigue in hands and arms


Certifications – KOF-K; BPA Free; HALAL; TÜV; NSF

Pansaver® Cook Chill system

User Benefits

  • Facilitates food on demand vs. cook and serve

– Saves labor

– Ensures product consistency

– Allows for proper portioning/less waste

  • Safer, more organized storage of food (28-day
    refrigerated shelf life)


Certifications – KOF-K; BPA Free; HALAL; ISO9001; CFIA; TÜV; NSF; FSSC 22000